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Eyelash Extensions

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Faces of South Tampa offers eyelash extensions to its clients. These are individual synthetic lashes that are applied directly to your own lash, close to (but not touching) the skin with a semi-permanent bonding glue. A single extension is applied to a single lash, leaving the eyelids to move freely. They are applied carefully, one by one using specialty tweezers.

Eyelash extensions can last up to six weeks. The eyelash extension will typically last as long as the natural lash growth cycle of lashes. However, most clients get fills at approximately every 3-4 weeks (depending on how well you take care of them) to make sure that lashes always look their best. By this time some would have fallen out as new lashes have grown through. How long your eyelash extensions last also depends on how you care for them.

At Faces of South Tampa, the health of your natural lashes is a primary concern of ours. We are able to advise you about how long/heavy you should go if you have naturally thin or sparse lashes.


Lengthening, Thickening and Darkening Eyelashes
LATISSE™ is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough lashes) to grow eyelashes longer, fuller, darker.

Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?
As long as they are applied correctly, they will not damage the natural lashes. The eyelash extensions come off when your natural lash falls out, and so long as an appropriate weight extension has been applied, your natural lashes will grow through as normal.

Do natural lashes get damaged by lash extensions?
Inexperienced technicians or those who rush are apt to apply lashes that are too heavy/clumped together which can definitely result in damaged lashes. Our aim at Faces of South Tampa is to give you beautiful lashes all the time, with no damage to your natural lashes. We customize the lashes so they are the right weight and thickness, and apply them carefully, one by one, so that your natural lashes remain as healthy as ever.

Faces of South Tampa recommends that our clients consider using LATISSE® to build up good, healthy lashes. This will help enhance the look by giving our lash expert a good base to work with.

Are eyelash extensions painful when applied?
No, not if applied properly. The eyelash extensions are applied directly to the eyelash, so there is no contact with the skin. It may feel a little unusual at first, but once you get used to it, it should be so comfortable that you may fall to sleep. At Faces of South Tampa we use the highest quality, relatively fume free glue. It does not burn or sting, unlike cheaper products. People with extremely sensitive eyes or sinus problems may get a little watering and slight stinging at the end, but this subsides within seconds.

Will eyelash extensions irritate my eyes?
No - once your eyelash extensions are applied, they feel like your normal lashes. Each eyelash extension is bonded to the actual lash, not your eyelid skin, thus making it feel just like your normal lashes. One extension is applied to each lash individually, so your eyelashes can freely move. You should be careful not to vigorously rub your eyes though, because this can damage the extensions and could make them a little uncomfortable.

Can bad extensions from another provider be removed and new ones put on in their place?
In most cases, yes, we will be able to help you. However, if you have had particularly bad extensions done somewhere else we cannot guarantee that we will be able to remove them or apply new ones. It depends on how bad a state your lashes are in. If there is an excessive amount of glue and many lashes bonded together, it can take some time to remove the extensions gently. If the bad extensions have irritated or infected your eyes/eyelids, Faces of South Tampa reserves the right not to perform the procedure, and may refer you to initially seek medical advice.

What preporations do I need to do before getting eyelash extensions?
It is important to have clean eyes and eyelashes, free of makeup - especially mascara. Some mascaras contain oils that can prevent eyelash extensions from bonding correctly. Be sure to use an oil-free makeup remover if removing makeup, and don’t use any oil or petroleum based products on or around the eye area for 48 hours prior (such as Vaseline or moisturizers).

Can I wear eye makeup with my eyelash extensions?
Yes, you can. You can apply eyeliner and eye shadow. We don't recommend that you apply mascara to your eyelash extensions, as this can cause them to clump together and may contain oils that weaken the adhesive bond on your eyelash extensions, so they will not last as long. If you are intent on wearing mascara, we can recommend a couple of mascaras that we carry specifically for the use of our clients with extensions.

What about removing eye makeup?
You must use an OIL FREE makeup remover, as oil based removers will damage the adhesive and could make the eyelash extensions fall off prematurely. Faces of South Tampa carries a high quality makeup remover that is formulated specifically for eye lash extensions.

Can I swim/shower/ get my eyelash extensions wet?
Yes. In fact this is one of the best things about eyelash extensions - you will have pretty eyes ALL the time - when you wake up, straight out of the shower, out of the pool.

Can you be allergic to eyelash extension adhesive?
Like all cosmetic products, there are some individuals who may be allergic to this particular adhesive. However, allergic reactions are extremely rare and subside normally as soon as the extensions are removed. If you have extreme latex/band-aid allergies, you may be at higher risk of a reaction. If you have had an allergic reaction to any eyelash extensions before (swollen, puffy eyelids and under eye area) we do not recommend getting lash extensions again -as you will be allergic to most adhesives. If you do have an allergic reaction, we ask that you contact the office immediately.

Are the materials you use safe and good quality?
Yes - the eyelash extension adhesive we use is almost completely fume free, medical grade, and safe for your eyes – so no pain and burning! It is also very long lasting. The eyelash extensions used are the highest quality on the market, and are available in all sorts of lengths, curls, and thicknesses - customized to suit you! All equipment is sterilized before each use.

Can everyone use eyelash extensions?
Almost everybody can use eyelash extensions to increase the appeal and look of their eyes. The difference will be instant – your eyes will look sparkly and refreshed immediately!

Can I wear contact lenses/glasses with my eyelash extensions?
Yes, of course. However you may find it more comfortable to remove contacts before your appointment, or bring your contacts case so you can remove them immediately prior.

Can I get eyelash extensions and still look natural?
Our eyelash expert will customize your lashes to suit you. You can have just a few at the corners, for some added sparkle to your eyes, a full set for a natural, heavy lashed look, or a glamour set for a more dramatic, made-up effect (ideal for film/theatre/models, or special events like weddings). Lashes come in many different lengths and curl types, to suit a range of looks. At Faces of South Tampa, we are confident that you will be very pleased with your lovely new lashes.

What if I get eyelash extensions but just don't like them?
Don’t try to remove the eyelash extensions yourself - as this could easily damage your natural lashes, because the adhesive bond is extremely strong.

What is the difference between silk and synthetic eyelash extensions?
Silk and faux mink lashes are the most popular materials for eyelash extensions, because they are both very light weight, hypo-allergenic (unless you have a specific and rare acrylic allergy) and last very well. Silk lashes are slightly lighter in look and feel than synthetic, and are great for people with fine/thin lashes, those wanting a natural/softer look. They may hold on slightly better than their synthetic cousins due to their porous surface being able to absorb more glue. Synthetic lashes hold their shape and curl slightly better, have a glossier/shinier look than silk ones, and are recommended for the glam sets or for those with normal/healthy lashes. Both types of lash extensions are absolutely beautiful and have their own benefits. Oftentimes, we will customise your treatment and mix some of both types of lashes for the perfect look.

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